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“Why do not I see the device?
As you probably noticed when you were surfing the site, we are a young, constantly moving and innovative company. For this reason we are depositing the design of the device internationally, including USA, consequently on the advice of the study that follows our case, until all the questions have been delivered we can not reveal anything. So stay tuned! “


Technology is the core of our society, we are all constantly looking for electronic devices capable of performing daily actions, quickly and at the lowest price.
Technology has spread like wildfire in every industry, ranging from kitchen equipment (robots, mixers, etc. …) to artificial intelligence devices for our vehicles.

Elisium is a mark of guarantee, a company with computer, electronic and technological skills, whose primary objective is to place artificial intelligence devices on the market, capable of assisting human beings in piloting vehicles, as well as providing real-time assistance.

MAT is the latest creation by Elisium, a new technology device, conceived and designed for cars.

What it does

MAT is an artificial assistant for cars, deriving from the well-known American TV series “Knight Rider”, known in Italy as “Supercar”, where the vehicle “Kitt” was equipped with artificial intelligence, able to control the car autonomously, assist and provide advice to the driver.

MAT as a removable component was created with the aim of equating all vehicles, from the oldest to the newest, with the latest technologies.

MAT is an electronic device based on artificial intelligence, which provides information and advice both for travelling and to the driver.

MAT has the purpose of assisting and providing useful advice to the driver; about the best routes to follow, the status of the vehicle, the best settings of the equipment on board (e.g. the climate control), etc.
It is a vocal system interacting with a human being.

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How it works

MAT is an electronic device with remote assistance in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode, i.e. for non-IT workers, a voice-controlled system connected to a server, which guarantees a plurality of services to the driver, acting as a travel assistant.

An artificial intelligence system able to adapt to your daily uses and needs, a personalised and efficient system able to provide wide-ranging assistance.

Artificial intelligence is an electronic brain, which responds to the stimuli it receives, analyses requests and offers assistance capable of adapting to the driver’s personal needs.

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How it is installed

MAT is a mobile electronic item of equipment, it is a device, to be connected to a specific standard port of motor vehicles, specifically the OBD II (On Boards Diagnostic).

The OBD II port is an interface, thanks to which it is possible to communicate with the vehicle’s electronic control units in real time. This port was made mandatory in 1996.
Once connected to the OBD II port, MAT interacts with the car, making it SMART, i.e. providing an interactive system of constant communication in real time.

MAT guarantees a wide range of services to choose from at affordable costs for everyone.

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