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Welcome to Elisium, a start-up we created in 2017 to operate in the fields of artificial intelligence, mobility and data processing. We are a company in the ICT sector (Information Communication Technology), i.e. the range of cutting-edge technologies that allow the exchange of information and its processing.

Our main specialisation covers the automotive industry and is aimed to realise innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The primary objective is to create a virtual assistant for cars, that is a constantly connected vehicle able to provide all sorts of information to the driver, starting from matters that concern the vehicle up to precise data on the journey and everything else it implies.

Our MAT device is an absolute reference in this sector, as it is completely innovative from a multitude of viewpoints, both in terms of technology and in terms of economy, with a definitely more affordable final price contrasted by greater available content.

A real revolution that gives the mobility world added value,
which can count on big data and the new principles of artificial intelligence,
a system that allow devices to perceive solutions based on continuous data analysis.

MAT is an ultimate conception product, which does not merely connect to the internet to obtain information, but can also rely on complete and instantaneous data through the network, even updated by other devices. MAT sends data to the cloud, which is also important for other drivers, who can thus take advantage of the same benefits.

Our company strives to raise every means of transport’s level, making them smart; ICT technologies are a gateway to the future, which can count on continuous evolution; Elisium will thus be able to find increasingly advanced solutions that can revolutionise everyone’s life.


MAT a new technology device designed and developed for cars.
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Thanks to the electronic device of MAT, your car becomes smart.
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MAT was designed to help fleets, insurances, car service and individuals.
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