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MAT is intended for the automotive market and is Elisium’s main project; it is specifically designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and can collect and process a huge amount of data using proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, it is a precise calculation system based on constant updating.

In this way, drivers can access every information concerning their vehicle, driving style, infotainment and possible problems, regarding the route followed and the surrounding area.

In its use, it includes many features of great interest to anyone who uses a vehicle for work but also satisfies anyone who demands maximum technology from their vehicle.

One of these is the voice-activated artificial intelligence system with an anti-theft device, which provides the geolocation of the vehicle wherever it is; this technology exploits the most modern novelties in the ICT field and is absolutely reliable with very small margins of error.

It includes an intelligent system for driving in a general sense, then traffic navigation, information on the surrounding area, any accidents, roads closed, etc.; but it also intervenes in the calculation and forecasting of aspects related to environmental impact and efficiency, as well as to all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.

MAT is destined to completely revolutionise the automobile world; equipped with a voice synthesizer, it rarely needs manual commands and works mostly via vocal commands and with the interpretation of natural language, letting the user stay off their mobile phone during transit. This entails a better concentration on driving and guarantees greater safety.

Its field of intervention is remarkable and it can manage entire trips, refining the navigation technology and including parts between the vehicle and some areas accessible only on foot, with the assistance of any mobile device.

It can communicate with all the sensors inside and outside the vehicle, thus allowing the scanning of many details, useful to integrate artificial intelligence algorithms with complete calculation parameters.

The vehicle’s constant monitoring lets you know in advance about any breakdowns, to accurately predict consumption and to intervene with the necessary timing to avoid any kind of unforeseen circumstances.

A vehicle equipped with MAT becomes far more autonomous; it is able to self-manage, to provide for each trip by calculating routes, expenses, alternative roads, the presence of accommodation facilities and much more, taking advantage of the internet as has never been possible before.

MAT, loyal to the precepts of Open Innovation, is a technology that combines other technologies, making them interactive and able to serve people with their most specific requests.

Use in the automotive world will probably be the beginning of a long participative history for Elisium, integrating automotive solutions with useful devices in other sectors.

We are talking about a technology that everyone needs
and that relieves the driver from any concerns,
a real ideal system.