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Connected to the vehicle’s electronic control units through the OBD-II port, fitted as a standard in automobiles since 1996, MAT is able to read the vehicle’s status data and send commands. This smart device represents an evolution in automobile management, which establishes a fast and reliable interaction between driver and this vehicle with numerous advantages such as safety, comfort, savings and portability.

Thanks to the electronic device called MAT, your car becomes intelligent.


MAT can be installed on private cars, car-sharing or on company vehicle fleets and guarantees a high level of safety for vehicles and their drivers.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, the device can be programmed to have a series of functions and predictive systems that increase on-board safety.

Consider, for example, the analysis of road surface, environmental conditions and the car’s state of health.

The automatic e-call function in case of accidents that allows you to notify relatives, friends or an emergency contact number in the event of danger. Or the anti-theft function.


MAT uses artificial intelligence to make life more comfortable.

Thanks to new technologies it is possible to adopt speech recognition and send commands to the car easily and quickly.

The installed software allows you to give commands using your own voice as naturally as possible and to use various and unencoded expressions. So you will no longer need to use pre-set words or phrases for the system to recognise the commands to be executed.

Now everything is smarter, easier and freer.

You can even talk to your car as if it were a human being.

The intelligent device is programmed to recognise the user’s tone of voice day after day and even anticipate actions because it has learned from their preferences, actions and tastes.

For example, the car can automatically set the temperature inside the vehicle according to the options used by the user on previous days, comparing them with external data on weather conditions.


Installing a smart device on your car means saving on the mechanical and electronic functioning of your vehicle.

The device can reduce the automobile’s electronic and mechanical components’ inefficiencies by improving performance and making it more efficient.

Thanks to this new digital technology, the smart device will offer the driver a series of options to optimise car use and save money.

Thanks to the MAT device, drivers will have more driving control over their vehicle by receiving timely and up-to-date notifications on its health to enable them to reduce waste and maintenance costs.


MAT is an intuitive system, simple to use and easy to install that can be used on various types of cars.

It is a mobile technology tool with high portability, it can be easily uninstalled in a few minutes and, just as quickly, connected to another car.