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How it is installed

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The installation of the Mat device on cars is simple and intuitive.

Mat connects to the on-board computer, turning your vehicle into a smart car.

The intelligent device easily connects to electronic control units thanks to the OBD II port, which has been standardized on all car models since 1996.

If you want to transform your old vehicle into a connected car, then choose Mat to connect your car and improve your driving style.

What is OBD II

The standard OBD connector, an abbreviation of On-Board Diagnostics, is a self-diagnostic tool for the car. Since the 80s every car produced has had a small computer for on-board diagnostics, the OBD. This system allows mechanics and technicians to check the various components and solve any problems of operation and maintenance. Since 1 January 1996, every car sold in the United States had to have a port compatible with the OBD or with the most recent OBD II as a standard, i.e. the on-board computer.

In this way, anyone with an adaptor could read the information and specific technical characteristics. Initially, OBD II was used only by operators for engine checks and to guarantee levels of carbon dioxide emissions permitted by law. Today, thanks to Bluetooth technology, the intelligent device once connected is immediately active and usable on your smartphone by all users.

OBD II system’s functions

OBD II is an interface mode that receives diagnostic signals from the vehicle. The standard system concerns CO2 emissions, hence the functioning of systems like the catalyst that can lead to an increase in carbon dioxide emissions.

However, the system’s potential goes far beyond technical data.
An increasing number of people are interested in having real-time information on the status of the vehicle they are driving, the pre-warning of faults or engine errors, when they need to change the brakes, check tyre pressure or perform general maintenance.

In addition to this technical data about the vehicle, by connecting the Mat smart device to the OBD port, and thanks to artificial intelligence, the user can receive a series of useful data concerning the ideal driving style, the route to follow or the status and conditions of the vehicle.

The use of connectivity allows an exchange of information between the vehicle, the driver and the Mat cloud plus an interaction between cars and road infrastructure for a safer and more efficient driving.

Which models can it be installed on

The connection of the assistant with the OBD II port is easy and intuitive and takes only a few minutes.
Once connected the device you will have available updated and reliable data with customizable functions depending on your needs.

Mat is easy to install, suitable for every type of vehicle produced since 1996. It can be mounted on private vehicles, car-sharing, rental cars or company fleets, and can be used by car service centres or insurance companies.

The smart car represents an evolution in the auto world not only for maintenance management by reducing costs optimising the cars’ use, but also for safety. In a few minutes, the car is connected for an easier, smoother, carefree and above all safer driving.