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The adoption of the new machine-learning systems and the most modern data processing systems allow our revolutionary MAT device to make life easier for every driver, who can count on their vehicle being like a travel companion, able to replace a reliable navigator, an informed meteorologist, a mechanical enthusiast just to give some examples.

We work from the point of view of a much broader and more ambitious project, which starts from a passion for automobiles and expands into helping each person solve their problems at any time of the day.

New ICT technologies allow access to far more data in real time and in every part of the world.

We are Elisium, a brand-new start-up
set up in December 2016 with the idea
of revolutionizing the automotive world
by exploiting our in-depth knowledge on the subject
of artificial intelligence.

New ICT technologies allow access to far more data in real time and in every part of the world. The advent of the artificial intelligence era has been fundamental, allowing every computer to start a constant and perpetually evolving learning process, based on a continuously updated data stream from numerous reliable sources. This is what is called machine-learning, a solution that allows the computer to learn and have a more intuitive approach to problem-solving, a decisive step towards truly artificial intelligence systems.

Our mission is to make this technology accessible to everyone, especially computer science and robotics, which have always been niche subjects, but which have become increasingly close to the general public, considerably increasing the number of enthusiasts and simple users, who could not help but recognise the advent of the computer as something indispensable for everyone.

This is where our project gets its name, a way of conceiving the future as a continuous ascent to beauty and perfection, a place where problems are wiped out almost instantly thanks to the integration of a new fast and always reliable means of communicating.

Elisium is a simple idea that sees a better future in antithesis to all catastrophic theories, through the commitment of professionals who believe in themselves and in humanity, who can thus undertake a new evolutionary path.

It is no coincidence that the symbol of Elisium it is a single ray of sunlight directed towards the infinite, a place where it is always serene and where everything works perfectly; the reference to the Elysian Fields of Roman memory is clear and wants to be a real message for all those who understood and will help to understand the importance of global computerisation.