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MAT is a latest conception device that we dedicate to the automotive world, based on the most recent ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and artificial intelligence technologies; the newest studies have led to the introduction and evolution of the cloud, an information system that allows the storage of data in a “cloud” accessible from anywhere in the world and from any connected device.

This system allows our MAT to quickly exchange data with other devices and to be able to use information in real-time; this is crucial for developing a proper system.

Machine-learning behind every artificial intelligence system consists precisely in this, that is computer learning, based on the constant flow of constantly evolving data coming from reliable sources and on algorithms able to process it, which allows MAT to learn and advise the driver on all or almost all aspects related to driving and the journey undertaken.

We have equipped MAT with a voice synthesizer that allows dialogue with the driver and can be integrated into all vehicles, including vehicles that are not natively connected.

The algorithms that define MAT‘s “brain” use the latest AI technologies, such as the Deep Neural Network, an evolution of the simplest machine learning algorithms.

It is a system that simulates the neuronal activity of the human brain and consists in the elaboration of external inputs (data), by artificial nodes able to give different results and structure complex relationships between them, in order to arrive at output nodes (outputs) with results similar to those of human reasoning, based on hypotheses and decisions calculated in a probabilistic and intuitive context.

All this is at the service of humanity and programmed to respond
to specific needs of certain sectors, just like MAT does for the automotive industry.

MAT is one of the first computers equipped with an artificial neural network and thanks to voice-commands is able to communicate with the driver providing advice on the itinerary, pace, the vehicle’s use and much more, such as the Infotainment and risk profiles.

This is an incredible virtual assistant able to reason and draw from reliable and updated sources with amazing speed; a real revolution, among other things backwards-compatible, which will probably be able to change many other sectors and gives the automotive sector a real source of pride, both for manufacturers as well as buyers.

Elisium, our start-up based on these innovative technologies, intends to give an indelible impression even in the way of conceiving reality with this device; a world where every solution to the problems is at hand and where the computer becomes a device able not only to simplify but to advise with high precision.