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The hardware component is easily connected and can be installed in a few steps even by an inexperienced user.

The software part consists of a free App provided by a freemium system and from the cloud. The App can be downloaded to a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Mat offers a wide range of bundled services to customise the use and functions of your smart car device.

Download and install the app on your smartphone in a few clicks.

It will allow you to drive more safely and reliably, both for you and your passengers, and save on the costs of car maintenance as well as offering a series of optional functions to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Mat is a latest generation smart device, easy to install and use.

Intelligent driving system

Among smart drive systems, the predictive navigation App ensures a highly personalised driving experience. On your phone, you can view the fastest and most suitable driving route according to your tastes, habits, day and time of travel. The routes are calculated not only thanks to real-time traffic information but also with the historical data of your previous trips and those of other users who have already travelled the same route.

Exactly like the user experience on tablets and PCs, you will receive suggestions, advice and updates for browsing based on the history of your searches and preferences.

For your safety, the App allows smart e-calls in case of danger, i.e. in emergency situations, the phone will automatically activate a direct call to pre-set emergency numbers.

You will also have a series of information on your mobile device related to smart driving, contemplating the technical and mechanical characteristics of the car and the environmental variations, such as the type of road or the climatic conditions.

For predictive maintenance, additional services are provided for the monitoring of electrical and mechanical parts, energy saving measures with the sending of notifications and updates via smartphone or mobile device.

Everything can be managed through a speech synthesizer that recognises natural language.

Anti-theft system (with vehicle locator)

The anti-theft mechanism with a GPS vehicle position tracker is a very useful service. Once activated, you will receive a notification in the event of any unauthorised movement of the car or removal of the device and you will be able to locate the exact position of your car in the case of theft.

A new generation service that is effective and reliable but also simple and easy to install.

User/Fleet profiling

All additional services combined with the smart device for the connected automobile can be downloaded and managed independently with profiling for a single user or for a group of company users.

To keep track of everything going on inside and outside the car, intelligent services are particularly suitable for the management of company fleets, rental cars, car-sharing and insurance companies.